Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIR 2.0

Rich Tretola today asked community what we want in AIR 2.0. I summarized all features from comments in one list:
  1. OS integration (launch external applications, run as service);
  2. multi-threading;
  3. PDF support;
  4. access to USB / Bluetooth devices;
  5. support on mobile devices;
First issue, of course, is the most important and it is still open. I know few solutions for this issue, for example very powerful tool for Win and Mac platform - Shu Player. It is commercial project and costs S$190. My colleagues tried it with their project and they were satisfied with it.
Another one project to extend AIR application is FluorineFX Aperture (for Win platform only). I didnt tried it yet, but list of features looks very impressive:
  • Launch native applications and documents;
  • Take screenshots of the whole screen;
  • Access Outlook contacts from an Air application;
And of course Merapi project. It is bridge beetwen AIR and Java. Few examples of AIR application with Merapi you can find on my blog.

Regarding multi-threading issue I found question on Flex cookbook: Is multi-threading possible in Flash or ActionScript?

I think, the rest of issues are not a big deal for Adobe :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

New service from Google - Google Voice

Google is going to launch new service called Google Voice. The idea is really great, but I didn't find any details about countries where this service will work. Is it for US states only or for international use? I found this question on Google Voice forum, unfortunately, exactly this question does not have any answers.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Comments in pop-up.

I changed comments to pop-up mode because now it is only one way to post comment on my blog. I will change back it to normal mode as soon as Blogger fix this problem.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adobe Certified Expert in Flex & AIR.

I have passed Adobe Flex 3 with AIR ACE exam and. I cannot say that exam was very difficult but not very easy. For flex developers who is going to pass this exam I can advice guide created by Jonnie Spratley. He collected all needed (maybe not all) information for this exam in one document.
But this guide is nothing without real practice.
May the force be with you :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

AIRTranslate: updates

I've released new version (1.1) with few features:
  • Swap languages;
  • Return to initial text (double click on text area to return initial text);
  • and some minor changes.
AIRTranslate will inform you that new version is available.

Friday, March 6, 2009

AIRTranslate: Google Translate on AIR

Yesterday I have finished small AIR application for Google Translate service - AIRTranslate.
I've tried to minimize UI to make it simple as possible and put all major features on main screen.
Few words about supported languages. Google supports a huge list of languages, initially, I made combobox control with full list of languages, but then I decided to make list of basic (by my opinion) languages and option "More...". When user clicks on this option, application will automatically add all languages to access.By the way, If you are going to paste and translate text in few lines application will be automatically expanded.

Some features I am going implement in the next releases:
  1. Keep history of users translations.
  2. Track most used languages and set languages in the start of application.
  3. Swap languages.
  4. Back to initial text.
  5. Spelling (?)
AIRTranslate is available on google code site, source code will upload a bit later.