Thursday, March 19, 2009

AIR 2.0

Rich Tretola today asked community what we want in AIR 2.0. I summarized all features from comments in one list:
  1. OS integration (launch external applications, run as service);
  2. multi-threading;
  3. PDF support;
  4. access to USB / Bluetooth devices;
  5. support on mobile devices;
First issue, of course, is the most important and it is still open. I know few solutions for this issue, for example very powerful tool for Win and Mac platform - Shu Player. It is commercial project and costs S$190. My colleagues tried it with their project and they were satisfied with it.
Another one project to extend AIR application is FluorineFX Aperture (for Win platform only). I didnt tried it yet, but list of features looks very impressive:
  • Launch native applications and documents;
  • Take screenshots of the whole screen;
  • Access Outlook contacts from an Air application;
And of course Merapi project. It is bridge beetwen AIR and Java. Few examples of AIR application with Merapi you can find on my blog.

Regarding multi-threading issue I found question on Flex cookbook: Is multi-threading possible in Flash or ActionScript?

I think, the rest of issues are not a big deal for Adobe :)

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