Friday, March 6, 2009

AIRTranslate: Google Translate on AIR

Yesterday I have finished small AIR application for Google Translate service - AIRTranslate.
I've tried to minimize UI to make it simple as possible and put all major features on main screen.
Few words about supported languages. Google supports a huge list of languages, initially, I made combobox control with full list of languages, but then I decided to make list of basic (by my opinion) languages and option "More...". When user clicks on this option, application will automatically add all languages to access.By the way, If you are going to paste and translate text in few lines application will be automatically expanded.

Some features I am going implement in the next releases:
  1. Keep history of users translations.
  2. Track most used languages and set languages in the start of application.
  3. Swap languages.
  4. Back to initial text.
  5. Spelling (?)
AIRTranslate is available on google code site, source code will upload a bit later.


  1. You seem to have done a reasonable job, especially in the look and feel. It looks nice :).

  2. Nice work !
    Why "Translate it" not a button ?

  3. I like LinkButton component because it is already has hand cursor on mouse over and looks like hyper link.

  4. hi, love the airtranslate app, and the only thing I found misssing is the feature to remember the last used language... will you be updating the app to version 1.3? tanx!